Public accounting

Accountancy is one of the most regulated job roles of the enterprise. It requires the mobilization of  costly and non specific technical abilities which are at the core of enterprise professions.

Whatever the size, the domain of activity and your accounting information system (internal or external), our firm has developed a permanent solution that enables our teams to produce  all aspects of your accounts.

Our collaborators ensure handling or the supervision of your accounting set-up within your premises or at the level of our firm, according to the option agreed upon, so long as it  is adequate to your needs. In the case where there is no internal accounting set-up, you could entrust us with the entire or partial externalization of your administrative and accounting roles.  We do bookkeeping of your day-to-day operations, classification of  supporting documents, the rendering of detailed and elaborate tax statements on the projected dates.

  • Externalization of bookkeeping

We handle the accounting of your company and make the accounts reliable, but also most especially in compliance to the accounting and taxation regulation and deadlines.

  • Monitoring of bookkeeping

Do you have an in-house accountant in your company?

The certified public accountants of PREMUS can step in to validate the accounts, see into it that the most updated accounting and tax norms are being respected and record the complex operations.

  • Upgrading your accounting

During a company buyout or business succession, it is often necessary to confirm the reliability and the pertinence of the accounts.

From the analysis of the existing system up to the regularization of accounting documents, our teams make use of tested and approved control methods.

  • Establishment of annual reports (balance sheet, profit and loss account, financial statements) and intermediary financial statements.
  • Application of national and international accounting norms, OHADA/IAS-IFRS
  • Establishment of group accounts (consolidation)
  • Analysis of the profit and loss account by  activity and management ratios
  • Assessment  of amalgamation,  separation, partial asset contributions
  • Assessment of companies and company shares.
  • Establish cash flows statements
  • Friendly expertise in minority and arbitration
  • Establishment of dashboards
  • Drawing of budgets
  • Budgetary management.

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