Auditing and auditors

The auditor’s mission is to audit the accounts required by the companies Act. This service which is compulsory in public limited companies, (PLC), and equally indispensable under certain conditions in other structures (LLC, Simplified Join-stock companies,  Associations,…), mainly comprises of guaranteeing the certification of accounts of the companies concerned.

The firm has made tools available that will enable it exercise this function under right and efficient conditions for a conflict-free relationship with the leaders of the audited companies.

The solicited contractual auditing could concern the auditing of all the accounts or can be limited to a precise domain (accounts auditing within the Framework of a stake, a company buyout “due diligence”, legal, fiscal, social, an organization, of computer systems and accounting organizations, of the companies insurance,….).

  • The legal services of the auditor

Internal auditing of the different financial cycles, financial auditing, third-party circularization, specific verifications, general and special reports

  • Contractual Auditing

Financial Auditing, legal Auditing, Fiscal Auditing, Social Auditing, Auditing of Petroleum costs, Insurance Auditing, Project Auditing, Organizational Auditing, Internal Auditing, Acquisition Auditing, Auditing of information Systems.

  • Preliminary  Review of  a company’ s shares before  Initial public offering of the Central African Stock Exchange (BVMAC)
  • Contributions auditing,  within the context of  a conglomeration  and during a business succession
  • Reviews before  the acquisition of a stake.
  • Review of internal control procedures.

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