Recruitment and training of staff

Its is quite exciting to recruit for the purpose of sharing a job or a project.

It is hard and compelling  to comply with all the formalities related to an employment contract. It is a risky venture to handle a departure.

Within the enterprise there are several decisions related to social law.  These decisions are usually complex and the consequences of the taking the wrong decision could lead to very significant financial repercussions.

Based on our constantly updated knowledge in this domain, we can help you to always be informed with respect to the applicable legislature and together, we could deduce the decisions that must be taken.

The future is built on the foundation of training as well as experience and practice.

The training regularly completes and updates the skills of your collaborators in every domain.

Accounting norms, tax laws, socials, commercials, IT techniques,…, all of these evolve constantly and influence your activity.

  • Training of staff in accounting, taxation, enterprise finance and law
  • Training in management, human resources, and specific trainings
  • Assistance in the recruitment of accounting staff
  • Building of recruitment tests

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